Top 7

Blogging Tools 

Here are my top 7 blogging tools and resources that I highly recommend to skyrocket your business. All of the resources listed are used by me personally (or developed by me) and I am extremely picky with which resources I use and promote. 


I have a niche website that is hosted with Bluehost, not to mention all my friends and family are with Bluehost as well. Why? They are super cheap (you can get a Wordpress site for as low as $2.95/month!!!) and their customer service ROCKS. They are easy to use, trustworthy, and my favorite reason of all, their morals are high. Did you know that they are one of the only hosts that will not host pornography, nudity, and other adult content on their servers. That's huge! They are making the internet a little better for all of us!

Genesis Framework Theme

The Genesis theme is fantastic! First, it is the industry standard (over 500,000 websites use Genesis). The SEO (search engine traffic) and security are both known to be better with Genesis, which helps you get more traffic and keep your blog safe, not to mention this theme is extremely user friendly!


The page you are on right this second was built on Leadpages. I have all my newsletters done by them and it's one of the best things I've done for me and my blog this entire year! It has streamlined so much for me, gotten me more sales, QUADRUPLED my newsletter sign ups, and looks REALLY cool. I am obsessed with Leadpages! If you want to see the process in action, simply click here to see my newsletter subscribe Leadpages page, then click "Show Me How!" That is also a Leadpages box, and then my thank you page after you sign up is also a Leadpages page.


Gorgeous photography for your blog is non-negotiable anymore. The internet has changed this year and everybody has beautiful pictures. It has now become main stream. You simply have to have beautiful pictures. Light, white, airy is in. 

Creative Market

Creative Market has changed how I blog forever. They offer stock photos, templates, design work and much more, but my favorite thing on the site is their fonts! I'm in LOVE with their fonts. Since this site is not really main stream yet, it is the diamond in the rough you are looking for; that hidden jewel with all the goodies that no one knows about yet! 

Make Money Blogging: How To Find Ideas That Are Right For You eBook

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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Six-Figure Money Making Machine eBook

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